About Us

LCCE is located in a highly industrial area of the Port of Lake Charles with access to roads, railways, waterways and transmission interconnections. The plant will process 7,080 mm metric tons of petcoke per day, which will be obtained through a major supplier (Koch Carbon, LLC) and sourced from refiners along the Gulf Coast.

CO2 will be compressed and transported through a 12-mile pipeline connected to Denbury Resources’ Green Line and be used in enhanced oil recovery operations along the Gulf Coast.

The LCCE project will make Louisiana a leader in clean energy technology. The facility will implement a cutting-edge gasification technology that converts petroleum coke (“petcoke”) into clean energy products sold to industrial customers. It has received all required federal, state and local permits and approvals. LCCE will convert petcoke into clean energy products, primarily consisting of methanol and hydrogen, purchased by industrial customers under long-term contracts. The project will be one of the world’s lowest-cost producer of methanol and a low cost producer of its other products. It will capitalize on domestic feedstock, American ingenuity and local skilled labor.

The shovel-ready project will create thousands of jobs, capitalize on domestic feedstock, bolster Louisiana’s industrial base and protect the environment.