C02 and EOR Technology and Benefits

As part of the clean fuels aspect of the LCCE project, it is anticipated that approximately 90 percent of the CO2 captured, (approximately 4.5 million tons annually) will be sold to Denbury Onshore, LLP for use in its enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations, producing approximately 10 million barrels of oil from EOR every year.

CO2 EOR is a proven technique for increasing oil production at depleting oil fields and storing the CO2 to mitigate climate change concerns. More than 100 million barrels of oil, about 5 percent of U.S. production, are currently produced from CO2 EOR. EOR production utilizes about 70 million tons of CO2 per year, most of which is extracted from natural CO2 reservoirs. The CO2 is transported in more than 3,900 miles of pipeline infrastructure in the U.S.

The LCCE project will include the planned construction of a 12-mile CO2 pipeline that will connect to Denbury’s Green Line and transport all of the plant’s captured CO2 for use in existing EOR operations.

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