Economic Impact

The LCCE project represents a ~$2.5 billion investment in Louisiana that will provide up to 1,500 plant construction jobs and 200 full-time jobs, along with many downstream jobs, during its 30 years of operations. It will be a large customer for the Port of Lake Charles and for regional feedstock and energy providers as it will use about 2.15 million metric tons of petcoke feedstock per year from Gulf Coast refineries to produce large quantities of methanol and hydrogen for regional industry.

LCCE will also be a large customer for products and services sold by local companies. For example, Turner Industries Group of Baton Rouge will construct the project. In addition, the 90 percent of CO2 that is captured will be used to increase oil production in the Gulf region – producing about 10 million barrels of oil per year. LCCE will also contribute millions of dollars to the state’s economy and revenue base.