Energy and Environmental Benefits

Energy Benefits

Lake Charles Clean Energy will be a low-cost producer of all its products and is expected to be one of the world’s lowest-cost producer of methanol, as petcoke-based gasification is generally expected to outperform natural gas-based methanol. In addition, the CO2 it captures will be used in enhanced oil recovery operations along the Gulf Coast, increasing America’s energy independence.

Environmental Benefits

Gasification technology can help the United States achieve its environmental and climate policy objectives as well as its energy goals. Today, about 70 percent of Gulf Coast petcoke is exported – sometimes just across the border – and often burned without controls. The LCCE plant will protect the environment by using advanced gasification technology to avoid harmful emissions while extracting energy from petcoke. LCCE will cleanly convert the feedstock chemically under high temperature and pressure to create clean synthesis gas with very low emissions. This low Btu synthesis gas can then be processed into clean end products. In addition, about 90 percent of the plant’s CO2 emissions will be captured for use in enhanced oil recovery operations along the Gulf Cost.

Slag produced in the gasification process is non-hazardous. There is zero liquid discharge of gasification process water and limited Sulfur Dioxide or Nitrogen Oxides emissions. In addition, 85 percent of the Carbon Dioxide will be captured and used for enhanced oil recovery operations in the Gulf.

This is a win for Louisiana, for the environment, for the project and for the country.