Gasification Technology

Gasification Process Flow

Several processes are combined to produce methanol and hydrogen from petcoke. Essentially, the gasification process flow is as follows:

  • Petroleum coke is crushed and mixed with fluxant and water to produce a slurry
  • Slurry is pumped at high pressure into the gasifiers
  • Slurry and high purity oxygen react at elevated temperature and pressur to form syngas and slag (melted ash and fluxant)
  • Slag is quenched with water, crushed, washed and exported for sale or disposal
  • Remaining syngas is mainly comprised of CO, H2, water and CO2, with small levels of methane, argon, nitrogen and sulfur species
  • Syngas passes through water quench and water scrubber to remove entrained particulates before being split into two streams, one for methanol and the other for H2 production
  • Both streams pass-through Acid Gas Removal to remove sulfur compounds and CO2
  • Sulfur removed in the process is converted to sulfuric acid in the wet sulfuric acis
  • CO2 is compressed and dehydrated for sale
  • Resulting “clean” syngas is ready to be used to produce a variety of products, notably hydrogen and methanol